Saturday, June 28, 2008


One of the latest SAVE THE PLANET QUICK LIKE A BUNNY! fads is an attempt to handcuff the Navy's use of active SONAR during practice workups. Active sonar puts high energy sound into the water. The sound bounces off nearby objects, telling operators such things as range, depth, and heading of a target. This information is crucial for targeting weapons. Passive sonar--simply listening to the ambient noise of the ocean to sift out man-made sounds--does the same thing but takes much longer to provide targeting information.

If the sound pulse is strong and narrow enough it harms sea life in the direct path of the sonar pulse. That is the supposed issue. Oh deary me, the Navy is cruelly deep-frying fish. Excuse me? where did you think your McDonald's fish fillet sandwich came from? Or, assuming your a hioty-toity greener, from whence did you presume your crab cakes and lobster bisque appeared on your plate? We farm the ocean and eat seafood by the deadliest catch shipful. Crying about the relatively few fish harmed by sonar is blatant hypocrisy.

Limiting the use of active sonar is insane. Operators MUST know how to use the system and develop the information for a target solution. Otherwise we're sending our Navy out to BE the targets. Jeeze! This must be what it was like in the 1930's when our military was stripped to a hollow shell by a bunch of jerks with fingers in their ears. Submariners spent the first two years of World War II just figuring out how to use a sub in real-world combat. That was a waste of time, treasure and blood--to use the current whiny, politically correct phrase--brought to you by the same type of idiots who want to handcuff our military today.

We're at WAR you fools. Get over yourselves.

I saw a bumper sticker that proclaimed Peace Is Patriotic. Silly me. I thought loving your country was patriotic.

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