Saturday, January 23, 2010


My church is involved in a couple of health related activities this New Year. First, we are running a "Biggest Baptist Loser" to help raise money for Missions. Second, in aid of the Loser thing, several of us have embarked on a "Couch-to-5k" program. The goal is to go from being a couch potato to running a 5k race in 10 weeks.

We've been using our church property as the starting point, but because of this weeks extensive rain and the fact the the church is surrounded by either construction or dirt roads, we chose a different location today. We met at my house and walk-ran around the safe, quiet suburban streets of my neighborhood.

Good time. I actually managed to get out three times this week. That and a day of weights make me sound much more manly than is actually the case. Need to keep it up.

Friday, January 22, 2010


In the publishing world, they say if you are not embarrassed by your publicity you're doing it wrong. So, here we go again...

"Torpedo in the Water!"

The Colombian government has confiscated a half-built Russian submarine from the drug cartel, expanding the Colombian submarine force by a third. There's just one problem, the cartel built a second submarine, and the Russians want it back.

U.S. Navy Public Affairs Officer, Bud Wilson is aboard the nuclear submarine Hawkbill with civilian video journalist Marsha Colton, to film a series of live-fire torpedo exercises.

When the cartel's pirate submarine begins sinking shipping in the Atlantic, Hawkbill and her on-board SEAL squad is the nearest U.S. asset to call. Bud and Marsha are swept along on a quest to find and destroy the Kilo before it can attack again.

Colombian Kilo is now available. To purchase a copy email me at $19.00 per copy.

OR get it as a download from for a mere $5.00

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Got this idea from my friend, Alton Gansky. I put it in diagram form. When you read the descriptions from the four gospels of the tomb of Christ after the resurrection an interesting picture emerges. Not only does each gospel take your progressively further into the tomb, but the harmony of the descriptions paints a picture of the Holy Place and Holy of Holies.

I do not see this as a deliberate attempt by the gospel writers or ancient editors: no ancient writer points this out, that I know of. I believe this is solid evidence of the Inspiration of God's Holy Spirit.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


My dad is a car guy. Not your average, garden variety aficionado either. This man is a drag racing, street rod, custom car, do-it-yourself-or-die car guy. When I was 12, his 1931 Model A Ford took first place at the Los Angeles Sports Arena over 2,000 other show cars. His Model A has been on the covers of Car Craft and Hot Rod magazines. He’s been voted Street Rodder of the Year. He does everything. Engine rebuilds and upgrades, bodywork, fiberglass and paint jobs. I stand amazed at his skill and innovative thinking. Retired now, he gets to devote all his time to the craft he loves.