Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Got this idea from my friend, Alton Gansky. I put it in diagram form. When you read the descriptions from the four gospels of the tomb of Christ after the resurrection an interesting picture emerges. Not only does each gospel take your progressively further into the tomb, but the harmony of the descriptions paints a picture of the Holy Place and Holy of Holies.

I do not see this as a deliberate attempt by the gospel writers or ancient editors: no ancient writer points this out, that I know of. I believe this is solid evidence of the Inspiration of God's Holy Spirit.

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Dan said...

I don't think it could be an attempt by the ancient writers, since Mark was written first anyway, right? He wrote first, but comes second in the series, and takes you the second step into the tomb. Some real work would have had to go into that to fake it. This is really cool!