Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The Brita water filter people are currently running a series of commercials which show people going about their earth-destroying, negligent daily lives. Prominently featured in each commercial is a plastic water bottle--AKA Brita's arch nemesis. In one, an evil, uncaring, earth hating person is depicted blissfully sleeping while the ice caps melt and the seas burn; an evil, plastic water bottle is perched on the bedside table, waiting to strike. Over the person a seemingly innocent caption appears: "Eight hours in bed." Then a truly frightening caption appears over the water bottle: "Forever in a landfill." GASP! We're Doomed!!!!

Excuse me, what's so horrible about landfills? Landfills are where Archaeologists do much of their work. No garbage, no archeology.

Guilt IS the gift that keeps on giving, but I'll give Brita a big raspberry on this one.

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Eric said...

Shhhh! All your facts are interrupting the hype I'm trying to hear while riding the bandwagon.