Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Finally heard back from the literary agent I submitted to in September. Yep, I got yet ANOTHER rejection for my novel, COLOMBIAN KILO. He graciously wrote:

Don, this sounds like a terrific project, but I'm sorry to say I already have one under contract that is in a similar vein, too similar to allow me to take this one on. Not alike in plot and story, of course, but in the editors and marketplace where I would have to submit them both. That presents a real conflict of interest and would not allow me to represent them at the same time. I do keep good records of what has been submitted to me however, and if the situation changes I'll get back to you. In the meantime, best of luck to you in your search for an agent or editor for the project.

Either they love it and don't need it or they hate and don't want it. Works out the same for me either way.


LadyJane said...

They love it, and would accept in a heartbeat if they could. That's my verdict, and I'm sticking to it! I've heard excerpts from this great, suspenseful, exciting novel with ineresting characters, and believe it's only a matter of the right time and the right agent or editor.
Keep the faith, Don. This book is better than a lot I've seen published.
One of your fans,

Don the Baptist said...

Thanks LadyJane

Eric said...

I agree with LadyJane about the quality of your book. I loved reading it.