Thursday, July 2, 2009


Karen and I have been on a driving excursion through the mid and southwest for the past two weeks. I have gained some insight on driving practices on this trip.

1. Californians treat the speed limit as the minimum they are willing to tolerate from other drivers; otherwise, "get out of my way!"

2. Texans treat the speed limit as an unattainable, lofty goal for which all must strive, but none may achieve. What is up with going five MPH under the limit in the left lane?

3. Here's a tip for mid-western drivers; in order to pass another car you actually have to go faster. Just pulling even with the rear axle and maintaining the same speed for five miles won't get the job done.

4. Safety is a by-product of good driving, not the goal. The goal of good driving is to get from point A to point B quickly and efficiently.

5. Arizona seems to have fired all their state troopers in favor of automatic cameras.

6. I LOVE the I-10 in south Texas; 80MPH all the way from San Antonio to El Paso.

7. A three pound raven traveling at 5MPH is no match for a Ford Explorer traveling at 80MPH.

8. A three pound raven splatting into your car at 80MPH is much more exciting than watching frozen poultry shoot out of the "chicken gun" on Mythbusters. It will wake you up; definitely.

9. Ford's outside mirrors traveling at 80MPH are no match for a three pound raven traveling at 5MPH.

10. There are enough butterflys per square mile in south Texas to clog up your radiator grill.

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Eric said...

Loved the 80mph in West Texas.