Monday, February 1, 2010


Generational switchbacks can be humorous. I was shocked when my teenage son began listening to Grunge rock and Curt Cobain's angst-ridden music. I mean, c'mon. I do like my oldies but I'm also an inaugural Maranatha-Children of the Day-Daniel Amos-Love Song-Don Franscisco Christian music guy. Grunge rock? Yeckh.

The other night we went to dinner with my son and his family. Across the table, my grandaughter piped up and asked, "Grampa, would you get a Taylor Swift CD for me?"

Yeah, Taylor Swift. Cap'n Grungy won't buy his daughter a Country Western CD. That kind of music is just unacceptable. I thought of the time I complained to my dad about my mouthy teenage son. My dad laughed in my face. "You deserve it," he said.

Generational switchbacks can be humorous.

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