Saturday, May 29, 2010

Los Angeles Peace Officer's Memorial

Rabbi Kravitz is praying. I'm the guy in the suit.

I was asked to bring the benediction for this year's Peace Officer's Memorial at STARS Center in Whittier, California. I mostly pray extemporaneously, so writing a prayer was work. Here is my text.

Peace Officers Memorial, May 26, 2010


Almighty God, we stand today to honor the memory of Deputy Marshal Samuel Blundell. May we always be faithful in remembering those who have fallen in defense of our lives and liberty.

May the passing of years never blunt the remembrance of sacrifices made, that no officer ever fall alone and forgotten. May their memories live forever as those who gave that “last, full measure of devotion,” as we recall the words of scripture; “greater love has no-one than to lay down their life for their friends.”

We also give thanks for those Peace Officers who daily stand their watches on our behalf. We pray for their safety, and strength. Lift up their heads in courage, confidence, and commitment to stand firm. Give them cool heads, stout hearts, wise judgment, and compassion for the innocent.

We pray for protection from physical, mental and spiritual harm. May they be courageous, yet not reckless in carrying out their duties. Grant them the loyalty of their partners and fellow officers as they, in return, are swift to come to their aid.

We pray in the name of He who promises to one-day wipe away every tear; AMEN.


Eric said...

Inspiring and well-written.

Terry said...

Don I hate to say that was a good prayer because I know it was addressed to God but, thanks! Terry

Don the Baptist said...

Thanks, both of you.

Wonderer said...

A blessing! "Memory Eternal"