Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Boy, January was a busy month. New year, new message series at church. Sheriff's Department asked me to serve several times as a role-player in live-fire simmunition training. My friend Rick, who is also Director of Missions for the High Desert Baptist Association, took a new position. He will become the Western Regional Director of the North American Mission Board. The job has him directing new church starts in the western states and the Pacific. On top of all that, our church is doing Biggest Baptist Loser and so far I've been running from gig to gig so much I've only exercised once a week.

I'm tired. Yesterday, I had NO scheduled appearances so I vegged at home, catching up on minor housekeeping chores; tax prep, bedside lamp repair, organize desk, prepare notes for May writers conference. I felt really worthless and lazy, but sometimes lazy is the best defense.

Today I have a meeting and a few errands to run. Hopefully, I might even think of something deep, significant, or at least funny to post here later.

I'm off.

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