Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My son Jacob and my "Daughter" Stephanie led worship at our church this Sunday. It's such a joy to see your children doing something because they want to and not just because you pushed them into doing it.

And that's not all. My son Joshua was voted Teacher of the year at his rather large high school by a vote of his peers. East Side is not like the school I went to. It is organized according to the collegiate model; that is, there are different--separate--schools of math, science, music, social studies art, etc. He is rather shy about it, but I think it says a lot in that kind of setting for the Art teacher to win this award.

I remember hearing Greg Lauri when I was still in college and we were both infants. He was admonishing us young, hep, trendy and cool Jesus Hippy-types that change comes to everyone. "Someday" he said, (and I paraphrase from memory, here) We'll be standing up here worshiping with Children of the Day in long gray hair and walkers. Our kids are gonna come in wearing (basically, he described Alex P. Keaton) and demanding that we sing hymns and use an organ. "And we're gonna say; 'Son, God can only use drums and electric guitars'."

Who knew our kids would be cooler than us?

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