Tuesday, September 11, 2012


SIT-REP 09-11-12 Momentous day to have my third Chemo-Therapy session. This marks the halfway point. Sitting here thinking of 9/11 and the people who never got the chance to live the last 11 years that I've had. Thankful, but somber with that thought. Remember with pride that our country was united for a few short months before the usual  political drivel drove its silly wedge in.

The needle has been plugged into my bionic implant. Start-up fluid is pumping but I'm waiting for the doctor to authorize the chemo regimen to begin.

I'm also nervously waiting to hear the results of last week's PET/CAT scan. The scan is supposed to reveal if there are any other cancerous growths. There is no medical test that can find individual cancer cells in the body. The PET can find groupings of such cells. I awoke this morning to a 246 blood sugar reading. Normal is 75 to 130. My morning average is 100. I immediately took a maximum dose of insulin (100 units), waited an hour and got a reading of 295. YIKES! I took another maximum dose. I've never had to do that before. These numbers are not a result of the cancer but of stress. I've been pretty confident in my mind but my body seems to have a mind of its own.

PET SCAN UPDATE No Longer Applicable
Doctor just came by and asked me to see him in his office after chemo. This is ominous. I figured that good news could be said in front of everyone, but bad news would be given in private. I tend to be pessimistic, so maybe I'm reading too much into this. I'd appreciate your prayers... I even believe in retroactive prayer.

Wow. God is so good. The PET SCAN came back negative. No sign of cancerous growths in my body. The reason the doctor asked to see me in private is to ask me to pray for him. Oncology is one of the toughest disciplines in medicine. Dr. M told me his department is undermanned because of the economy and he loses @ two patients a month. He is a compassionate man and needs our prayers. Please remember him. I won't give his full name but God knows who he is. He told me a story of two patients with stage four Liver Cancer. One patient was a believer, the other had no hope and expected to die. The patient without hope saw his immune system fail and soon died. The patient with trust in God is cancer free and doing well. Faith in Someone greater than yourself makes all the difference.

Some Saturday this month is the Walk for Cancer in Quartz Hill. They are supposed to walk in my name. In October 2nd is my fourth Chemo-treatment. And Desert Christian High's Home Coming football game in October will be in my honor as well.

I prayed for opportunities to help others with cancer and they are coming my way. No matter the outcome, this is a good thing.


William Bennett said...

I will pray for Dr. M. I'm glad for the good news. You inspire me.

Denise said...

Hey Buddy, this is the best news, the absolute, best! Can't wait for Kenny to get home so I can tell him!!!! Sending our love and continued prayers across this crazy ocean that is between us!