Thursday, November 29, 2012


Two weeks post-chemo I am starting to regain strength. This final chemo has been the hardest to recover from. Yesterday I finally felt able to walk across a city street without wheezing and gasping. That is a major improvement. The Finish Line is in sight. All that's left is the radiation treatments. 

Went to LA to consult with my radiation doctor yesterday. I got to practice the ability to walk across a city street without wheezing and gasping.  I had a preliminary CT scan with a followup next week. The radiation treatments will begin after that. The treatment schedule is better than we had been led to believe. At first we were told it would be @ five minutes of treatment six days a week for six weeks. Yesterday we learned it will indeed be five minutes per day, BUT for five days a week for only five weeks. That means I can come home each weekend on Friday afternoon--just like a real, live LA commuter--and I don't have to return until Monday afternoon. That will make the commute much easier.

The tragic news is that the gigantic, state-of-the-art, multi-buliding hospital campus in downtown LA--including the apartment I'll be staying in--does not have internet access; neither phone jacks, nor wifi. Even my local, provincial Kaiser has that. So, my journey is not just to Los Angeles, but also Back to the 80's.

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