Thursday, October 2, 2008


I've been doing some hiking, swimming and biking. It's not making much difference weight-wise but I'm doing it. I did ten miles on the Pacific Crest Trail today. My feet hurt. Yesterday I rode ten miles. Last week I rode 39 miles, swam 44 Olympic laps and walked 3 miles.

I'm still FAT.

I talked with a guy I grew up with who's a doctor. He told me that the combination of diabetic meds I'm on guarantees that I'll put on weight no matter what I eat. It must be the stuff my old hog company used to give to the pigs to fatten them up. I'm truly frustrated. It's hard to stay motivated to work out when the best I can hope for is to get fatter SLOWER. In fact, it sucks.

When we hear about how somebody has a bad disease but is a FIGHTER, I guess that means they stay at it even when it makes little difference.

Please don't tell me that muscle weighs more than fat; at some point there should be LESS fat.

Don't bother pointing out the long term health benefits of exercise; What? I'm supposed to live LONGER as a grotesquely fat person?

As for getting stronger, I just get sore and tired. There's nothing you can say that makes it any better. It just is.

Today I went to buy a pair of pants; see I've ballooned up from a size 42 to a 46-48 this summer. That's WITH exercise, mind you. Wanna hear a funny story. I couldn't find any size 46 cargo pants. Ha, Ha. I went to JC Penney's Big And Fat section. If I wanted jeans or dockers they got me covered; No cargo pants though. I went to Wal Mart; no go. The largest cargo pants I found were size 42, my FORMER size. The sign said extended sizes are two dollars more. But since they didn't HAVE any extended sizes, go ahead, laugh, it's funny; Ha, Ha.

Nothing makes you feel like an unwanted member of society like being irrelevant when it comes to clothing sizes.


Stephanie P. said...

Hey, I feel your pain. Despite being on a diuretic, I seem to have gained weight as well. How do you gain weight on a water pill?? And you're not grotesquely fat, trust me. I could post a picture of a grostesquely fat person if you want me to....and the cargo pants thing. Jake has been having trouble wiht that for the past few years, so I know he feels your pain.

Don the Baptist said...

Its official. I went to the BIG and Tall men's store and even they had no cargo pants.