Sunday, October 12, 2008


Author Doug Giles takes Christian Media to task for publishing spiritual candy instead of speaking to the issues of our times. In an article titled, Lame Christian Media is Culpable for our Cultural Corruption, Giles holds nothing back. Speaking like a latter-day Ezekiel, Giles excoriates Christian publishers and pastors--especially mega-church pastors--for timidity. Check out the article. It made me squirm.

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Eric said...

I don't know, Don.

One the one hand a lot of Christian media is lame and so are many mega-pastors. They're an easy target.

On the other hand, I'm not sure what Giles has in mind. I've spent too many years around churches who had "The Bulldog Attitude" (Giles' book). They always told us and everyone else what was wrong with them. We were always guilty and so was everyone else. It brought people in, but I don't think it was biblical nor really effective in producing true followers of God.

I personally am glad you don't jump on us every Sunday. As you said, it produces fear not true conversion. Love produces conversion, even it it seems wimpy.