Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So the "No On 8" folks are unhappy? Gee, why don't we call off this whole, pesky democracy thing?

I voted yes on proposition 8. I was fully prepared to lose on election day. Had that happened I would have been disappointed and fumed about the state of things here in the State of Confusion, but that would have been the expressed will of the people.

I was prepared to win and see the constitutional amendment go immediately into endless litigation.

I was even prepared to win and watch as the State Supreme Court summarily tossed out the will of the people.

I was NOT prepared to listen to endless, "No fair!" whining from people who suddenly think democracy is not such a good idea. Oh, sorry, I meant to say democracy seems to be okay with them until they don't get their way. And while you're kidding yourself, let me point out that the people of California had already spoken on this issue. The "right" removed was bogus in the first place, something conferred by a few activist judges with an agenda, not the result of a truly legal (and I might add, DEMOCRATIC) process.

Neither was I prepared to endure the biased cheer leading from mainstream media, eschewing even a pretense of objectivity. You guys stink.

My personal favorite whine was; "hey, the vote was only 52 to 48%! that's barely a majority!"

Really? The Obama camp calls that split a mandate from the people.


Eric said...

Yeah, but if they didn't whine they might actually have to get a life and find out how empty and hollow it is.

Kathleen Flynn said...

So many "Gay" people "Angry! Oxymoron?