Thursday, March 5, 2009


I haven't written much on this site for the last month because I'm making final corrections to my novel, COLOMBIAN KILO. I received the Galley copy last month. The Galley is the book in printed form as it will look for the public. The author looks over the Galley for final corrections and revisions. I've read through it myself and caught a bunch of changes, many of them word processor format errors. I also have three people checking the galley independently, mostly for spelling and typos.

Not really happy with the silhouette of the sub. Looks like one of the newer German "Type" boats instead of a Kilo, to me. I've asked the artist to update it.

As soon as we finish the work the book will be ready for printing and available on Amazon and the major online book distributors. The younger writers in my group call this Snoppy Dance Time. I call it Walter Brennen Dance Time. (Dag nabit, Luke!)

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Eric said...

Neato! Glad it's coming out soon.