Friday, March 13, 2009


Volkswagon is currently running a series of trendy commercials with their talking, Ludvig Von Drake Beetlebug. I find "the people want it now, event" to be irritating in the extreme. Apparently what the people want is a bunch of focus-grouped, marketing cliche's.

Sheesh, give me a break. The phrase itself grates like fingernails on a chalk board. "The People" is a discredited phrase from the bad old days of the happily defunct Soviet Union. "The People" was an excuse to foist policies and programs on citizens without their approval with the tacit assumption that it was all for the greater good of "The People."

Here's a couple of examples: Introducing The People want it NOW!
The People want taxation without representation!
The People want gulags!
The People want self-righteous government officials to chew out
corporate CEO's for daring to ride on private jets paid for by company
funds while said government officials gallivant around on Air Force
jets at taxpayers expense!
The People want nationalized healthcare so the same government
mis-management found at the Post Office can ruin the medical
industry, too!

Nuts. This particular People wants Volkswagon to stop putting words in my mouth.

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Eric said...

I don't like those commercials either.