Tuesday, December 15, 2009


To the best of my aging memory, here is a schematic of the ship I served in in the early '70's. Hooper was a DE, Anti-Submarine Warfare ship. I was a boilerman, toiling in the bowels of the ship.

...Annnnnnd the official artists painting.


Eric said...

I like how the crew berths are between the ammmo stores and the fire room. Must've made you feel warm and safe.

Dan said...

This is so cool and reminds me of something I want to do on my blog. My dad was on the Agerholm (DD826), an Gearing class destroyer. I think I'll write up some stuff on it and maybe the B-26 that my grandpa flew on. This is really a great idea!

Don the Baptist said...

Eric, I was a fireman, I berthed AFT.

Dan; I'd like to see those.