Tuesday, December 22, 2009



Eric said...

Sorry, Don, I have a lot of trouble with this. No scientist I know of ever thought the earth was flat. I believe it was the church that clung to the ideas of the earth as the center of the universe and heavier bodies falling faster than lighter, not science. The investigation of matter's properties along with the discovery of atomic and sub-atomic particles is a long history which the cartoon totally mis-represents.

And yes, science never is "settled". The true scientist accepts with awe and humility the amazing things we've learned while also realizing the ever present possibility that one's current ideas can be proven wrong. I believe that is a strength that theologians (as well as politicians and people in general) would do well to learn from.

Don the Baptist said...

You're getting feisty in your old age

Don the Baptist said...

I just thought it was funny.