Thursday, October 20, 2011


Afghanistan. Iraq. For Americans, these are not countries, they are wars. Wars that have dragged on for ten interminable years. Once again we are a nation where every neighborhood feels the separation, pain, and catastrophic loss that follows in the wake of war.

Men and women engaged in combat face daily horrors. Their families at home face the multiplied horror of their imaginations. Mothers, sons, fathers, and siblings that wait daily, hourly, for word of their loved ones on the battle line. Families that wait hoping for words from their silent warriors in a military hospital or even safe at home. Safe, yet wounded in spirit.

In "FACING FEAR: Winning the War at Home" Edie Melson has spoken for those families and their warriors. Through a host of family experiences, Edie touches our hearts with the knowledge that we are not alone. Our fears are not shameful, Our hopes need not be abandoned. Our families remain.

"FACING FEAR" will go on sale 11-11-11, Veterans Day 2011

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