Tuesday, October 23, 2012


SIT REP: And then there were two.

When I started this in July I had four months of chemo to look forward to. Now I am looking at less than (</ Eric) four weeks. Today is the fifth of six sessions. The sixth and final chemo will take place three weeks from today with the end of "chemo" week five days later.

Over the years I have gone through numerous spiritual deserts, times where God's presence seemed remote. Some older writers refer to these as "times when the heavens seem as brass." I sometimes call it times when my prayers don't seem to get any higher than the ceiling.

Since beginning this journey in April, I have not experienced such emptiness. I have felt God's presence beside me, bearing me up in ways that I longed for during the desert times. why God chooses to works this way I don't expect to understand fully this side of Glory. Scripture promises God does not test us beyond our ability to bear it, though I have come to think that the Holy One has a much higher opinion of what I can bear than I do of myself.

I will say it's kind of like my health care provider. For the every-day services it can be quite tedious, but with major health issues I am amazed at how quickly and compassionately they can act. God seems to work LIKE that.

I don't expect I'm beyond spiritual deserts in my future. I do know that when I really need him God is an ever present comfort. "I will never leave you or forsake you," he promised. Amen.


Eric said...

Glad you have < 4 weeks to go. It means you've survived > 12 weeks of chemo cycles. Awesome that you feel God's presence >> than before.

Wonderer said...

Thanking God for the progress so far and praising Him for the comfort of His presence!

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