Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My kids found a treasure trove of commercials and kids shows from the sixties, on YOUTUBE. I watched clips for the old G.I. Joe toy, Super Car--the animated marionette show--and its successor, Fireball XL-5.

Then they found something REALLY weird; a drug-awareness educational clip about LSD. It's labeled as propaganda, but really its just poorly done; like it was filmed by a bunch of high-schoolers with an old Super Eight Bell & Howell movie camera.

The LSD film tells the story of a girl who "dropped some acid" at a friend's house and went out for a hot dog. Suddenly, the hot dog began screaming, begging the girl not to eat him. She threw it on the ground and stomped it into the pavement. That's not propaganda, stuff like that is pretty common "Acid Trip" fare from what I've heard. But that's not the best part.

The moral of the story, according to my son is: "kids, don't do acid or you might waste your supper."

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