Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It snowed in the Antelope Valley today. Oh, it often snows here in the winter. Once it even snowed on Easter Sunday. But our "snows" tend to be more a one-day-wonder frosting than an actual Buffalo, New York SNOW.

But not today. Today we got SNOW, at least by California High Desert standards. I just looked out the back window and the patio table has somewhere between 8-10 inches. Cool. We even have a snowbound guest who cant get home because of the snow. Now THAT'S a storm. I know, I know, non-Californians go ahead and laugh, but we don't see this stuff too often. It's still a novelty.

I had business in town all day and driving was bracing, to say the least. I do have one rule for snow driving in California--if you need chains STAY OFF THE ROAD. I did my snow driving basic training in the Ozarks, too many Californians did theirs on Nintendo.

Merry White Christmas Bing.


Eric said...

I was home yesterday but didn't think bike riding was a good option :-). I got my workout shoveling snow.

Don the Baptist said...

Yep. Nothing quite dampens the joy of snow like shoveling it off the walk and driveway.

Kathleen Flynn said...

I think everyone in Ca. learned to drive with Nintendo

Anonymous said...

I have learned to not appreciate the stuff