Monday, April 20, 2009


Yes its true... I am NOT holier than thou. I am not even holier than Swiss cheese or old socks. In fact, I've pretty much given up the idea that I can be holy apart from God's grace.

This abject confession was brought on by the accusation that my blog embarrassed someone who read it. Apparently they also passed an email with my blog address to a friend who will be scandalized by the illicit, un-Christian nature of Observations From Hadlyville.

In response I have three things to say:

1. I am so glad I pastor a congregation that does not play this game.

2. This is not a Bible School Blog, a Church Blog or even specifically a Pastor Blog. It is MY Blog.

Z. Read the Blog "Sub-Title," "What's This Hadleyville Thing?" and my very clear "Quasi-Legal Disclaimer" and you will know just what kind of low-life I am before wasting time showing me the error of my ways.


Kathleen Flynn said...

What if God determined our salvation by our driving?

Don the Baptist said...


Eric said...

If they don't like your blog, don't read it. If they want to discuss something, put it in the comments for all to see -- or are they too embarrassed? When did it become Christian to point out other people's flaws? Or to be embarrassed by other people's honesty?

Re Kathyleen's comment: I'd burn in hell.