Monday, April 13, 2009


Sheesh, can journalism get any worse? Apparently reporters are still in breathless, overblown, overinflated reporting mode, and the election was months ago.

Video of a woman who jumped into a German zoo's polar bear pen was released today. Since you'd HAVE to be crazy to jump into a pen of polar bears--I mean, come on, they were definitely NOT going to share a Coke with her--lets be charitable and guess the woman was a raving loon. The reporting called it a vicious polar bear attack.

Vicious. Hah.

Got news for you fellas; a polar bear attack does not result in a few scratches. 4 out of 5 arctic seals would attest that the normal result looks a lot more like 18-wheeler road kill. Far from an attack, it looked like these bears were trying to help the zoo authorities get the nutcake out of their pen.