Wednesday, April 1, 2009


According to the site Navel Open Source Intelligence "The Russian Navy has called for an international agreement that would oblige countries to notify each other about their submarines’ routes in the world’s waterways. They claim this would help prevent marine accidents.

Vice Admiral Oleg Burtsev, Deputy Head of Russian Navy Headquarters, made the proposal during an interview to the Ria Novosti news agency on Tuesday.

He said that recent incidents in which atomic submarines collided speak of the importance of such an agreement."

So, I guess here's how we're supposed to do business in the 21st Century: Hey, tell me all your secrets.

What absolute lunacy. If we're going to divulge the tracks our subs follow we might as well get rid of the expensive things in the first place. That's probably what the C.I.S.sies really want.

Fat chance.

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Eric said...

Of course they propose this. We can hear theirs, they can't hear ours. Plus they can just report all their old noisy boats and "forget" to mention a few missile boats.