Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, its been a pleasant, quite lazy Christmas vacation. Our kids, who live nearby carried the brunt of the holiday hosting. All the decorations are down and packed away. Karen has gone back to teaching Third Grade. I am sitting here procrastinating over my To-Do list by writing this post.

Fun Time is over. Time to get back to work. I've already got a full month ahead of me. I'm going to a men's retreat on Thursday. I won't be home until late Saturday so I need to crank out... er, make that "create" a deep, blessing-filled Sunday message. I need to pack and shop for the trip: as a diabetic I need dry ice to keep my insulin cold for several days.

Next week is a killer. I have to help Karen's students build "Energy Efficient Homes" which I've already pre-built for their science project. That will take Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesday I am going to the Sheriff's Laser Village to participate in training academy trainees: I get to role play a belligerent citizen.
On Thursday I have a Chaplains Executive Committee meeting; also in LA. Then I'll go back to Laser Village for Night Exercise Training. We'll round off the week with our stint at cleaning the church on Saturday.

I'm already exhausted, and there's still two more weeks left in the New Month. ...Maybe I'll just go back to bed.


jfbonhage said...

2 comments. 1. Thank God you don't have to build a Smart car. 2. If you need pointers on being a beligerant citizen? I can help!

Don the Baptist said...

Baa, ha, ha!