Friday, January 13, 2012


Over the years I have made a number of discoveries concerning the relationship between human nature and the steering wheel of an automobile. Disney had it right back in the 1940's when mild-mannered Goofy became a demon possessed fool in the driver's seat.
Following are four of the dictims I've pronounced.

1. The car in front of you will always go slower and the car behind you will always go faster than you desire to go.

2. The annoying driver who cuts you off, or delays you because they can't figure out how to park, will annoy you AGAIN within five minutes. (Often they do this after you have reached your destination and are now on foot)

3. The universal driving code is: "Death Before Yeilding!"

4. If you are following a long string of cars, but not bunched up with them, some impatient driver will dangerously jump out in front of you from a side street, even though there is a huge opening behind you for half a mile or better.


Carol Anne Wright Swett said...

My husband wants to be your new best friend. You and he think so much alike. We laughed all the way thru this post.

Dan Smith said...

That last one is so stinkin' true! I've noticed it so much after my move to Illinois! Crazy!