Saturday, January 14, 2012


Observations From Hadleyville just reached 8,000 page views. I'm quite pleased. I passed 7,000 a month and a half ago. One thousand page views in six weeks is a big deal for me. Again. Thanks to all of you. My younger friends refer to a moment like this as "Snoopy Dance Time." At my age I'll have to settle for "Walter Brennan Dance Time." (Dagnabit, Luke!)

The reasons I operate this site are threefold. 1. I am opinionated. 2. I enjoy exchanging ideas with others. 3. I need the discipline to write, or at least be creative, every day.

I invite you to join the conversation by posting your own comments. I know this can be a tedious process with writing your personal information and typing in difficult to see, nonsensical words.

You can shortcut the process by creating a Google identity; that way you don't have to enter name and email each time.

Unfortunately, the nonsensical words, like EEUP, GINIXLE and BUGLUMP are necessary to cut down on Spammers.

If you have not yet become a follower of Observations From Hadleyville, I invite you to click the Follow Button, on the right side, just below the page count.

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