Friday, March 23, 2012


Here are some photos from my trip today. The first shot (1) shows a road behind me with a rough retaining wall below it. (2) is a shot of a fairy-like hillock that my friends Eric & Rex would LOVE to climb. (3) Hillock closeup (4) Its a real park with rules and everything! (5) The Microwave/Dish station at the top. (6) Looking north past the hills south of the California viaduct  to the Antelope Valley. (7) Close-up of Godde Hill Pass; my home in Quartz Hill is just out of sight on the other side. (8) Still some snow in them thar hills.

2 comments: said...

Being one who very much enjoys hiking in the great out of doors, I took in the shots with pleasure.

Don the Baptist said...

Thanks, Amigo.