Friday, June 22, 2012


I'm officially a Pirate: and I have the sunken chest to prove it.

I came home from the hospital yesterday. The surgery went well. Doc says he got everything, no surprises. Waiting on the pathological report of the lymph nodes. Surprisingly, I have had very little pain. Sometimes when I move I can feel the sutures pull, but I quickly stop any such movement. I have almost full use of my right arm. I do not put any weight on it, but I can hold a coffee cup, which is a great comfort.

I'll see my doctor on the 28th for a Post-Operation review. He expects to remove one of my two drains that day. Chemo-therapy begins in about three weeks. It will be intravenous, so I expect to lose my hair. I've decided to simply get a buzz cut at my next appointment. Good thing for me I like to wear hats.

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