Saturday, June 16, 2012


Met my Oncologist yesterday; a very compassionate man. His opinion is that my tumor is at stage Stage IIB: that means it is less than 5centemeters and at least one lymph node has been affected. They will know for sure only during the surgery. However, this is the third diagnosis and they all agree. I find that encouraging.

The expected course of chemo-therapy follows:
1. therapy to begin three to four weeks post-operation
2. chemo-therapy will be administered via a jazzy, robotic-type plug implant, every two weeks
3. Chemo-therapy will continue for eight weeks
4. Re-evaluation

Had blood work done for the Oncologist yesterday as well. Got the results already--I SO love the internet. All the results are well within the ordinary range. Thank you, Lord.

I'm expecting Mom, Dad and two Aunts to arrive on Tuesday.

NEXT: Round Two, surgery on Wednesday the 20th.

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