Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The book of Genesis spends much of its coverage of Abraham on the promise of a son. Yet, when you get right down to it, we really don't know a lot about Isaac, son of the promise. He is eclipsed by his great father and sadly, his son Jacob.

Charles Hadden Spurgeon was perhaps the greatest Preacher of the 19th century. More than a hundred years later most evangelical Christians are at least familiar with the name. Did you know he had two sons who were preachers, too? Never heard of them? Yeah, they emigrated to Australia to get out from under the shadow of their father's reputation.

It's tough being the son of a great man. I should know, I am such a son. No, my dad is not a thundering preacher, nor the patriarch of a new nation. Though, with five sons, nine grandsons, one granddaughter, and uncountable great grandchildren He could be accused of being the founder of a mighty clan. His greatness lies in his family who love him. Annnnnd the fact that he is an automotive artist without parallel.

Self-taught--he never graduated from high school--he makes those custom car guys on television look pathetic. I always laugh when the people on those shows whine about how hard it is to build a car or motorcycle using only the Cincinatti Milacron machine tools used to manufacture nuclear weapons. My dad uses a welder, a hand grinder and his artist's eye. The cars he turns out makes those other guys look sick.

I will forever be in his shadow yet I feel nothing but pride. I am not an automotive artist but I am my father's son.

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