Saturday, November 19, 2011


Here At Last, Dude!

Aren't you tired of the old translations of the Bible that make reading God's Holy Word so tedious? Are you frustrated with racking your brain over the archaic wording of the Living Bible?

Well suffer no more! Relief is here Dude!

Developed by actual graduate language students, between wave sets, the CALIFORNIA BIBLE has removed the awkward syntax and medieval language of older, more structured paraphrases.

Check it out!

8  So the sailors asked Jonah, "Yo, Dude! whats bring'in  this bad karma down on us, y'know?   
9  He answered,  "Take a chill pill Bill!  I'm like a Hebrew an' these gnarley waves were made by the Big Dude upstairs, y'know?
10  this terrified them and they asked,  "Woah! are you mental dude? (They knew he was splittin' from the Big Dude upstairs because he had already clued them).
11  The sea was getting gnarlier and gnarlier.  So they asked him, "Dude, like what should we do now?"
12  "Surfs up! These waves are mine!"  He replied... Then they picked him up and threw him overboard.    Jonah 1:8-15
"Like, totally gnarly! y'know?"
Johnny McArthur III


teresabeesa said...

Love your QUASI-LEGAL DISCLAIMER! I can attest to your hilarity, my friend! RE: The California you know why I listen to who I do on Sunday morning! =))

Don the Baptist said...

Thanks, Teri.

Eric said...

Gnarly post, Dude.