Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Beware of false additions to faith.  Through the ages people have proposed that other things beside faith are required for salvation.  They say that these are not works, but since they then turn around and require that one must do these things to gain salvation they are obviously a work which produces or earns salvation.

1. Surrender.  Christ must be perfectly followed as lord in order for salvation to be real.  Christ is Lord,  but His lordship over the believer in this life is imperfect. Christians make a linguistic mistake with the word Lord. We understand it in the European sense of "king." The Bible uses it of Jesus in the Jewish meaning of a synonym for God. Jesus is God whether you obey or not.
2. Baptism.  Baptism is visible obedience to Christ, but requiring it as a precondition to salvation makes it a work.  (Mark 16:16 is not in the most reliable texts).
3. Repentance.  If understood as a synonym for faith yes; if understood as cleaning up your life, and THEN believing, no.
4. Confession. Believers are called to confess their sins to one another(James 5:16) but nowhere is confession (usually in the sense of EVERY sin ever committed) demanded as a precondition to salvation.

The Thief on the cross is the salvation test case.  He didn’t,
clean up his life,
walk the aisle,
pray at an alter,
get baptized,
join a church, or
give any money.
He simply asked Jesus for salvation.

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