Tuesday, November 8, 2011


For some reason this blog is becomming popular in what is normally considered the Slavic states: people from Russia and Romania account for the bulk of my non-USA followers. They are closely followed by Latvia-which I believe prefers the term "Baltic State."

If I have misunderstood your heritage or mis-labeled you, please correct me. I want to learn better manners.

I am currently reading Dr. John Julius Norwich's three volume history of the Byzantine Empire. For an American it is quite an eye-opener to learn of the changing people and politics of your part of the world.

I included this photo of Hagia Sophia, in what is now Istanbul, because I believe it must be the most beautiful Christian Church ever built.

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Wonderer said...

Isn't Hagia Sofia amazing? It is on my bucket list if the Lord wills and tarries...they byzantine empire is fascinating, I took a course on it at UCLA which piqued my interest. The slavic world is full of deep thinkers Don, there is more value placed on the life of the mind (traditionally anyway)and there is time to think and discuss and deliberate when one is surrounded by all that SNOW!:o)