Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The first week after surgery was a snap. Never felt a bit of pain. No restriction on the use of my arm--other than be careful. Went for two walks with my honey. Great.

This past week has been a Primer for Chemo. I woke up last Wednesday morning with the familiar gout pain. For your information, gout is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the system. The acid crystallizes and gathers in a lower joint. Normally I get it in the left big toe, which is painful. This episode manifested itself in my left ankle; a much larger area than the toe. Essentially, My ankle joint was lubricated by ground glass. It took two days to renew my prescription. Started taking the meds of Friday and the pain--AND swelling--were gone by Sunday morning.

Sunday night I was hit by what felt like stomach flu, accompanied by all the usual side effects. Spent Monday with an achy low-grade fever and finally woke up Tuesday feeling... well, not normal, but at least less sick.

Will see the surgeon on Thursday and hopefully get the nasty drains removed. They are inconvenient and uncomfortable, but people used to die from simple buildup of bodily fluids. We live in amazing times.


Wonderer said...

Welcome back dear old grumpy Don! Having had only a small taste of hospital life lately i will agree with you that we live in amazing times! Give yourself permission to be grateful AND grumpy old Don (or Darn-old)! Blessings!

Eric said...

Glad you're at least less sick now.