Thursday, July 5, 2012


A week ago today I was told the pathology showed no cancer beyond the lump removed and no cancer in the 26 lymph nodes examined. Today, Karen and I picked up our copy of the pathology report for insurance purposes. The report contained an ominously headed, "CORRECTION."

The correction turns out to concern the lymphatic information. It is exactly opposite of what we were told a week ago. Out of 35 lymph nodes examined cancer was found in 5, with movement along the pathways toward other nodes in the body.

Now, let me say, this is what I expected to hear in the first place. I am no worse off today than I was moments before hearing the UN-corrected report. But it is quite a whiplash to be told, "good news, no cancer" then to find out by reading the report--NOT by hearing it from my doctor, we had to do the work ourselves, thank you very much--that, "Oopsie, you DO have extensive cancer after all."

Wow. That was a body-blow. I said earlier I was prepared for some hard hits. This is the first one. Karen and I sat stunned for a few moments. The we re-read the report. Then we prayed.

Fight's ON!


that Propane guy said...

Keep fighting brother...we love you

Don the Baptist said...

Thanks, "Mr. Protaine Main!"

Robert Ferrari said...

Keep up the fight, you'll do well!