Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Saw a list like this on an Air Force Master Sergeant's wall once, and figured it could be adapted to fit the ministry as well.

1.  The Pastor is always right.

2.  In the inconceivable circumstance that someone else might possibly be right, rule #1 becomes immediately  operative.

3.  The Pastor does not sleep in his office; he meditates.

4.  The Pastor is never late; he is ministering to the needy.

5.  The Pastor never becomes angry; merely vexed in his spirit.

6.  The Pastor never stops working; his presence is required elsewhere.

7.  The Pastor never wastes time reading extraneous materials in his office; he studies.

8.  The Pastor never deviates from established congregational procedure; he uses creative management.

9.  Whoever may enter the Pastor’s study with an idea of his own must leave with the Pastor’s ideas.

10. The Pastor is ALWAYS the Pastor, even in his swim trunks.

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Dan said...

We did this during CPO induction season this year. Pretty funny stuff!