Friday, December 9, 2011


We have a house full of kids and granddaughter. Four: it feels--and sounds--like Sherman's Army marching through Georgia. It's great, but I'm exhausted. This is the thing about getting older I hate the most. Despite hiking, bike riding and staying active, I just don't have much long-term energy any more.

It makes me respect Karen's grandparents all the more. They raised her to adulthood from the time she was nine. How did they do that? It's not like she was a shy, friendless, bookworm. She was a cheerleader, for Pete's sake.

So, the multiple inputs are fading. The screeching train whistles, electronic carols, and two squealing elementary girls are mellowing. Charlie Brown Christmas is playing on the DVD. It's quite pleasant. I'm enjoying the moment, but I'm still tired.

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Larry Geiger said...

Two grandchildren for seven hours Saturday and I'm pooped out. We hear you.