Thursday, December 8, 2011


Next week the High Desert Christian Writers will meet for our annual Christmas party. Each year we award the coveted "Sable Quill" to the member of the group we deem to have accomplished the most as a writer. It's a group vote by ballot cast at our November meeting. I (insert maniacal laugh of power) am the only one who knows who this years recipient is.

There are at least three valuable reasons to be part of a writers critique group. FELLOWSHIP: as a writer, you know what is is to be different from the other children. You need to find others, like you, who look at a gorgeous sunset and think primarily of strong verbs. CRITIQUES: Iron sharpens iron. Writers help each other hone their craft. The big writers conferences are where the macro lessons are learned. A local critique group gives that input all year long. ACCESS: You need to meet and network with other writers, agents and editors in the business. As a member of a writers group you will network with others, sharing information and contacts.  I highly recommend you find or start your own group. 

If you plan to be in the Antelope Valley next Tuesday morning and you'd like to attend, be our guest. Email me and I'll give you the GPS coordinates. (that's address, for those of you over 50)

UPDATE: this year's award winner is Stephen Hutson.

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